Welcome to our year of reading Oz YA…

So as regular readers might have gleaned from last year, blogging was not quite as easy or as regular (ahem!) as we would’ve liked. So we’ve come up with a brand new idea…we’re going to have our own two-person book club 🙂

Well, it’ll start as just the two of us but we’re hoping all you YA fans out there might join us for a robust discussion (and possibly some ramblings) about one of our greatest passions – reading!

If you’d like to join us in our journey, you can check out the books we’ll be reading each month in the panel on the right.  Please leave us your comments we’d love to hear what you think.

So fasten your seat-belts everyone…first up is Rose’s pick Game Theory by Barry Jonsberg.

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The Messenger and The Doorman

Hey Rose, cat

Glad you’re feeling better! Although, as your health improves so does your ‘tude – what’s that all about? It’s got whiskers on it!

Anyhow, a weird thing has been happening. You know, how I said I thought I’d read The Messenger. Well, yes, I had. The first time I read it, I was obsessed with the plot and solving the central mystery of the book. I won’t do spoilers here but suffice to say I was disappointed with the resolution.

But this time, kind of already knowing that things don’t wrap up that neatly, I’m just really enjoying the ride with Ed Kennedy. He’s a self-deprecating, caring cabbie who lives on his own with a stinky cross-breed called The Doorman. When Ed gets home from work he makes himself a coffee and one in The Doorman’s bowl, complete with sugar the way he likes it. I love this!


I reckon The Doorman looks something like this guy!

And there’s a whole heap of great cameo characters as well. So it’s weird, I’m letting myself just go along for the ride and it’s enjoyable. I must admit I’m getting a bit nervous as I approach the end because well, you know…

Also, I have this vague idea that Ed is some sort of Jesus/Saint character and that there’s a whole deeper level to this book that people (er, deeper than me) could really get off on.

Anyway, will be interested to see what you think.

Love Mum

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The Messenger…when will be begin?

Dear Rose,

It seems you may be on the mend – alleluia! That calls for a DT meme:


The Messenger by Markus Zusak is our May book and neither of us have begun – not a



good sign. I have a strong feeling that I read this book many moons ago on a holiday in Queensland. I also have a funny feeling that I er, wasn’t swept away…but we shall see. I did love The Book Thief … The Messenger was his first book so you know, draw your own conclusions.BT

In case anyone is curious, I have not been slacking off on the reading front. In fact, I’ve recently read My Side of the Mountain and Hatchet for book group – both of which to be honest were quite tedious. But this month we’re doing MURDER – my suggestion – and I’m enjoying re-reading Arsenic for Tea. It’s the second in the brilliant Murder Most Unladylike  cover.jpg.rendition.460.707series and is set in period England, mostly in a girl’s boarding school and features all those wonderful Famous Five kind of things like secret passages, English tutors who turn out to be spies and loads of ‘bun breaks’.

I have also been trying to get my head around the fundamentals of Grammar (for readers who may not know I’m back at uni doing Prof Writing and Editing at RMIT) and prepare for the KidLit conference on Saturday where I will meet the editor of my dreams. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy!

Wish me luck…

Love you, Mum

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I found a Cookie.


I’ll turn off caps lock, shall I?

What up party people. Apologies for my prolonged absence, I have post viral fatigue or something (the doctor used lots of Latin based polysyllables and lost me a bit. Now I know how it feels when I talk to my non-whovian friends about wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. Speaking of which, have a David;

s73yLeEand close brackets).

So The Astrologer’s Daughter, huh? What a ride.

Petition to read un-stressful books next year. Whatever happened to books wherein the MCs ride unicorns and eat lollipops and live happily ever after? I realise they’re distinctly lacking in things like plot, and drama, and like, anything happening, but it sounds very peaceful.

74511979e1399b78d258cd9a9c4569eeTBH, the moment Simon was introduced, my annoying-guy-that-fairly-quickly-gains-more-than-two-dimensions-and-becomes-a-serious-love-interest radar started going wild. I called it. Well done, me.

I understand that some endings are left unresolved, but like… WHY. I want to know what happened. Pls. (Or maybe I don’t, but kudos to Lili Wilkinson for epiloguing – more authors need to epilogue. Which is a verb now. Apparently.)

The astrology bits were cool, if spooky. I like a good ol’ mystery.


(Yeah, I’m upping the Tennant frequency. Sorry not sorry.)

Solid book. 10/10, would be very stressed about the wellbeing of characters again.

Next up, The Messenger by Markus Zusak. Hopefully it’s full of cookies and rainbows. I don’t think it will be, but that’s my official prediction because I know nothing about the book.

af2846d8998e88c7c5e288d62a3e0ac3d4cbb407_hqAnyway, gtg wallow in my post viral fatigue and think about doing homework. (My hard drive has so many Davids on it, it’s slightly ridiculous.)

Have a great day, and DFTBA.

❤ Rose





I took this too far again, right? Oh well.

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