Eating worms…

Dear Rose,

Having one of those crises of confidence where I’m thinking what am I doing, perhaps I Woman_Eating_Wormsshould get a real job, staring at my computer screen all day and occasionally writing something I think is half-decent (only to have it dashed by your OverAchiever sister – note to self, find new beta reader) and then getting distracted by incredibly wise, life changing facebook post which leads me to amazing blog posts where I need to leave a message, which gets me thinking about paleo food (that’s so your fault) and googling (yes, I know it’s not a verb) recipes. Had some quite good raw paleo brownies at The Dunes this week, which your Dad said looked like goat’s droppings….

But I digress. What this latest ‘poor me’ indulgence has got me thinking is about how lisaSmuch you and the OverAchiever inspire me! You are both (mostly) positive and she is the most driven person I think I know. Who else gets up regularly to run around the lake when they’re 11? Who else writes their own Dr Who fan fiction and wants to be best buddies with Stephen Moffat? Who else plays the piano before school, after school, after dinner and sometimes before breakie?

As for you – you are all over this internet stuff – you random You Tuber you. And let’s not go into parent-teacher interviews where every teacher tells me how fantastic you are and how did I do it? But what I’m finding I love most about you, Rosie-bear (not sure how this morphed into a little love letter – but let’s just go with it) is that you’re not afraid to do things that you know you’re not the best at. Hmm, did that sound derogatory – it’s not meant to. I mean you’ve joined Acabellas when singing is not really your thing but you’re happy to give it a go and pushing through your anti-social leanings (sorry!) to chat to the older members of the group (everyone except you). And you’re playing soccer AND you’ve taken up footy – and you run your little heart out and give it your all and I am so impressed. And proud.

Okay, I think I’m tearing up now and I’m going to stop because maybe this is t-shirtembarrassing…feel free to tell me to shut up (nicely) in the next post.

But just in case you haven’t got the message – you don’t need the t-shirt because you are already awesome!

Love you,

Mum x

P.S. I will now stop eating worms and jog around the lake.

PPS. Not really, will (inspired by my girls) keep on with my WIP (that’s writer speak for work-in-progress) ably assisted by writer food. (That’s chocolate bullets, not goat poo!)



About Heather Gallagher

Heather lives in Ocean Grove with her beautiful family and a dog called Pip. She has a passion for quirky stories. Her first book, Ferret on the Loose, was published in 2013 and was recently listed on the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. The book was inspired by a girl and her ferret, who Heather interviewed while working as a freelance journalist for The Sunday Age. Her column, Yak Attack, ran in the Kids View section for more than a year and allowed Heather to profile people she thought would be of interest to kids. In 2014, she released her first picture book Happy Pants – Why is mummy so sad? This is NOT a story about ferret racing. Rather, it is a heartfelt story about a boy grappling with his Mum’s post-natal depression. Heather’s stories for children have appeared in black dog books Short & Scary anthology and Explore and Challenge magazines. Heather has experience in public speaking – both for children and adults. While, promoting Happy Pants she spoke to groups of counsellors, nurses, parents and at library events. She has presented writing workshops to primary-aged children. Last year, she was a presenter at the Sacred Edge festival and the Christian Writers’ Conference.
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