Netflix and Chill

Dear Mum,

As you know I am a budding young film making amateur who spends my time wandering around the deep depths of YouTube, finding film analyses on colour grading, movement in frame,  Bayhem, Alfred Hitchcock, the rule of thirds, visual comedy, the Spielberg oner, etc, etc, etc.alfred-hitchcock-03.jpg

All these videos include clips from movies that I’ve never heard of, directed by people I’ve never heard of, and set in places I’ve never heard of.

Actually, mostly set in America. But whatever.

Anyway, after watching a very spoiler heavy analysis of all these films, I obviously want to watch them. The problem with this is that we only have access to free television, and the small selection of DVD’s that we own.

We’re not a very T.V oriented household.

Upon asking you if we had any Wes Anderson movies, you said,

‘Who’s he?’

And I said, ‘Some film maker guy. He’s one of Casey Neistat’s biggest inspirations.’

And you said, ‘Who’s he?’

photo.jpgI then explained who Casey is (the guy to the left, here’s a link to a video of him snowboarding through New York), and you then suggested that we get Netflix, and I then asked how that even works.

‘Well, I’m sure you can install it,’ you said with confidence.

I take issue with this.

Why does everyone above the age of twenty expect that everyone below the age of twenty knows everything there is to know about all technology ever? Just because I spend all day watching stupid cat videos (have a stupid cat video as a reward for getting this far through the post), that doesn’t mean I know how anything works. I just press a button, and voila!

Not only is it you constantly asking me how to turn the printer on, or why the internet isn’t working, or what the dimensions for your Facebook header are, but it’s also other people.

I was at the library this one time, doing my homework (as I am a reliable high school citizen), when an elderly gentleperson hobbled over and said;

‘Hello. Perhaps you can help me. Do you know how I can print from my IPad?’ The lady smiled and waved a perplexing screen covered in complicated looking computer jabber in my direction.

‘Um,’ I said. ‘No, I don’t. Sorry. Maybe ask one of the librarians.’ipad_mini_black_white-2.jpg

Suddenly the air turned dark and she gave me a look that said, How dare you not know how to operate my overly complicated unnecessary app machine, you will burn in the pits of hell for refusing to help an elderly citizen you dirty lying teenage so-and-so.

I returned with a look that said, This is an Acer laptop I’m expertly navigating lady, does that IPad look like Acer technology to you? No. No, I don’t think it does.

She then managed a sweet, ‘Well, thank you anyway dear,’ to reassure any onlookers that we were keeping it civil, before storming off to find a librarian who had swallowed an Apple handbook and would be of far more assistance.

This happened twice more before I left the library as not to end up with a walking stick up my nose.

Another place this happens is at school, where none of our teachers have any idea of how to hook their computers up with the T.V’s (I recommend setting them up on a blind date and letting it go from there), but luckily there are a few tech savvy gamers in my class, so we can generally rely on them.

Anyway, I believe we were talking about Netflix.

I think that it might be a good idea, however according to Tumblr it’s very easy to get sucked into the spiral of watching every season of every television show ever, so we should be careful.

Oh, and you’re setting it up.

Adios 🙂

❤ Rose


A Facebook header is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.





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4 Responses to Netflix and Chill

  1. Belinda McArdle says:

    Highly entertaining read. Thanks!


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  3. Robyn says:

    Oh Rose, I love your ESP interpretation of “The Look”! Fabulous & in all likelihood, quite accurate! Love your ESP response too!


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