Ice-Cream Eating, Killer Space Robots

Dear Mum,

I love it when funny things happen at school, partly because it proves that the education system isn’t totally dull, but also because I don’t have to come up with something to blog about.

Today we had a science double today, and presented these projects we’ve been working on.

It’s always hilarious when our class does any presentation of any kind. We all have different ways of embarrassing ourselves.

There’s the normal way, where you half-heartedly stumble your way through a not-at-all prepared speech. This is followed by polite applause.

Then things get interesting.

Today this guy, who is like the one person in our class who you can count on to do something out of the ordinary, strode up to the front and began to read his creative writing. He used words like ‘circumference’ and ‘velocity’ and ‘singularity’ and other polysyllables.

We all cracked up.

‘Is this your own work?’ Asked the teacher.


‘Did you use any websites?’

‘Only nerdy-words dot com.’


Then there are the genuinely nerdy people, who stop every few seconds to either explain a complicated scientific concept, or ask if they’re boring us to death.


And then there’s me. I wish I could show you my presentation, but it’s part of a competition and putting it on the interwebs is definitely illegal, but here’s a snippet.

‘Not to criticize your phenomenal piloting abilities, Master Leo,’ said Frederick from the backseat, ‘but I think it might be for the best if you let MA03K take over from here.’

                ‘No, we’ll be okay,’ Leo repeated as he lost control of the spaceship and they began to spiral at an alarming rate towards a small moon that all of a sudden seemed quite large.

                ‘Aaaaaaaaaagh!’ Yelled Leo.                         

                ‘We’re doomed!’ Beeped MA03K.

                ‘This is like the best roller coaster ever!’ Cheered Frederick.

I decided instead of being one of the half-hearted stumbly people, I would own it. Sure I write about ice-cream eating killer space robots and potato obsessed scientists, but I write about ice-cream eating killer space robots and potato obsessed scientists AND I’M HELLA PROUD OF IT. Kind of. I mean it’s just some science presentation.

Anyway, when I finished I said,

‘But Frederick lead a sad life, robots don’t eat ice cream. Ok, the end.’

To which my science teacher replied,

‘Do you do drama?’


‘You should do drama.’

So apparently I’m destined to be the next Doctor Who companion, which is quite exciting.


See you on the big screen 🙂


❤ Rose



Frederick is a robot, MA03K is a computer, and Leo is unfortunate.




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Hi, my name's Rose and sometimes I make things.
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