Who da hobbit?

Dear Mum,

This week was IDAHO week or IDAHOT week or IDAHOBIT week depending on how inclusive you want to be and how much you want to reference LOTR.


So I’m going to be thematic and also include internet stuff, because I’m a teenager and I obviously know everything there is to know about the internet ever.

I present to you…

My Top 10 Favourite LGBTQI+ Internet Humans in No Particular Order (although I’ve probably forgotten some. Oh well.)

photoAnima Gaming

Anima is what’s commonly known as a let’s player or gamer or a person who wastes their time pressing buttons to do things, except it’s not a waste of time, it’s a lot of fun. She’s an awesome human, with a really cool accent that I’m just a little jealous of. She’s probably most well known for her Life is Strange videos, which is an amazing game that will destroy your soul and has an awesome soundtrack. Her channel’s relatively small (20,000 subs, tiny, I know) but it’s all very entertaining, and she’s growing fast.

Ashley Mardellphoto

Ashley is a treasure trove of LGBTQIAPD+ related knowledge, and she’s writing a book atm, how cool is that‽ Her main channel consists of the ABCs of LGBT, adorable videos with Grace, her fiancé (did I spell that right? I think it’s French…) and even slam poetry, which is awesome. However she also has a second channel, where she makes daily(ish) videos that always spark the best discussions, and I super love the community over there. ❤ you Ashley 🙂

Elijah EmeraldpSkFgbMl

Elijah makes the coolest artsiest videos on his channel. They’re really positive and inspirational and I DEFINITELY HAVEN’T BORROWED YOUR STYLE OCCASINALLY ELIJAH. Probably. You’re super cool man, keep doing you.

Ingrid Nilsenphoto

Ingrid is a ‘beauty guru’ which is basically a youtuber who knows how make up and clothes and other mysterious things work, and then teaches people about them. Ingrid has 3 million subs. How insane is that? (Also she’s the one who made a P4A video about periods, I’ll link it for you).

Jackson BirdIMG_3483

Jack is cool. He makes waffles out of things that aren’t waffle mixture. He likes Harry Potter. I mean what else do you want in a youtuber? Here’s Jack and John Green waffling a Happy Meal #notspon.

Hannah HartHH_RR023

Hannah is the one with the radical haircut that I almost got. She is just the most amazing person. She has this thing called Have a Hart Day, where she and her people go and volunteer somewhere and make the world a bit more awesome. She also cooks. Badly. It’s funny. But here’s her latest HAHD episode. (She’s also got a book coming out, can I has pls?)

Rose Ellen Dixphoto

Rose, along with having the world’s best name, also has a hella dope YouTube channel, where she and her wife fail at gaming and turn into penguins and get bitten by monkeys in Florida. One monkey. It was one monkey. It’s a wild ride.


Théo is a smaller youtuber I discovered through last year’s P4A (I’ll explain P4A in another post). He makes weekly videos in a very unique style and it never fails to make me laugh, and fear the apocalypse. And wiggle them! (Inside joke, you should watch his latest video here.)

Troye Sivanphoto.jpg

Troye is the music guy whose songs I sing constantly. Last year he was like, ‘Hi music game, imma just casually take you over now. Cool, thanks.’ He’s like 20 and touring the world, how cool is that? (Also he’s Australian. Bonus.)

Tyler OakleyphotoOAPZ3GET

Tyler wrote Binge the book I was reading a few weeks ago. He’s definitely the biggest person on this list (except maybe Troye? Troye, did you overtake Tyler?) in terms of famousness. He has a contagious laugh and a big personality a you know I don’t think I can explain Tyler in a paragraph so here’s a brief history.

Ok. That’ll do. It’s late and you’re about to get real mad and send me to bed.

Happy IDAHOBIT week 🙂

❤ Rose


Sorry this is about internet stuff. I know it confuses you.




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