An Unofficial Guide to the Vlogbrothers

Dear Mum,

As you know all too well, I have been bed ridden for about 80 of the last 100 hours, which has meant I’ve done not much at all whatsoever, EXCEPT-

Podcasts. Podcasts are great. I don’t follow many podcasts because I don’t often have twelve hours every day with which to listen to them.

Here’s a brief description of the three I’m currently subscribed to:

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbigrwht

Not too deep is fun. And stupid. And not deep. It’s basically just a comedy podcast that goes for about an hour where both Grace Helbig (a youtuber human creature), and Twitter, (a weird thing that should be boiled for safety), interview that week’s guest. It’s a fun time.

Plantriotic Podcastimages

This is a podcast about vegan stuff, which is very interesting and educational and I’m really selling this aren’t I? It is pretty cool though. It’s hosted by this guy called Jackson who is also a daily vlogger on YouTube. He makes cool stuff.

Dear Hank and Johnqrgb

This one is probably my favourite at the moment. It’s where Hank and John Green (in that order because of the universe and search engines) talk about death, give dubious advice, and share the latest news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon (The news from AFC Wimbledon is currently VERY EXCITING GO DONS!).

And it occurs to me that this is a handy segway with which to tell you and our loyal, charming, intelligent, good looking and all round fabulous readers (yes, you) a bit more about the vlogbrothers. (I mean we probably owe them some sort of tribute anyway we did sort of steal their concept.)

So, I present to you;

An Unofficial Guide to the Vlogbrothers

First, some key terms:

DFTBA: Don’t forget to be awesome.

Nerdfighteria: The vlogbrothers community.

Nerdfighter: A member of that community. Nerdighters are people who, instead of being made up of cells and organs, are made of pure awesome.

Youtuber: Someone who makes videos and uploads them to YouTube.

Ok, we’re good. Let the story begin…

It all began one potentially dark and stormy afternoon in 2007 when Hank Green sent a webcam video blog (oh, such humble beginnings) to his brother John Green (yes, the John Green) outlining what would be Brotherhood 2.0. Basically they could only communicate via means of video blog, and possibly phone call, for the entire year.imagesSVSW2M4D

This blew up, they got famous, the end.

But not really.

Brotherhood 2.0 kicked off what is now just vlogbrothers (I say just, but…), where they make weekly videos about stuff and things. Along with vlogbrothers, that have a bunch of other channels. Here’s the ones I can think of off the top of my head (I know I’m missing some):

  • Crash Course, the most amazing educational resource since Wikipedia, except more reliable and less confusing.
  • Sci Show, where Hank and several other humans talk about science stuff like how to grow a beard and why avocados shouldn’t exist.
  • Sci Show Space, which is the same except SPACE.
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is a scripted YouTube vlogging series thing which is pretty cool and I think won some award.
  • Hankgames, or GamesWithHank, I don’t remember whose channel is whose, but one is where John plays video games, and one is where Hank plays video games.
  • Hankschannel, which is the channel of Hank, where he uploads things like Nerdfighteria census analyses and stuff.
  • The Art Assignment, which I don’t know much about.
  • How to Adult, which I also don’t know much about.

Other than YouTube, there’s;

  • John’s books, which you’ll have heard of unless you’ve been living on Mars (if you’ve been living on Mars let Hank know, he’ll be very excited).41yeOAxN5WL__UY250_.jpg
  • Dear Hank and John. See above.
  • The DFTBA store, which is where you can get very cool youtuber merch and other things.
  • VidCon, an annual convention held in Anaheim about online video.
  • Hank’s music. He’s on tour right now (or maybe he just got back). He writes cool songs.
  • Project for Awesome (P4A), the most amazing thing in the universe where they have a 48 hours livestream to raise money for all these awesome charities. The charities are voted by the nerdfighters.
  • 2D glasses, an idea Hank had, where you have glasses that allow you to watch a 3D movie in 2D. This is mainly for people who experience headaches from watching 3D movies. (Available now at #notspon)
  • Wizard School, a card game being launched in June of July I can’t remember which, but it sounds awesome.
  • And of course, Pizza John.wrtgbaf

So, there you have it, a basic outline of Hank and John and what they do. Sorry if this was long. Think of it as an exercise in patience.


❤ Rose




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