Dear Mum,


ok but hi.

Let’s talk about fandoms. Google says:

noun: fandom; plural noun: fandoms
  1. the state or condition (I love how it’s a condition. Like, ‘Oh no, he’s caught a terrible case of Whovian and is in critical condition.’) of being a fan of someone or something.
    “my 17 years of sports fandom”
    • the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc. regarded collectively as a community or subculture.
      “the Breaking Bad fandom”


2878064bd18f540ce60c542c48c22e16Google, as always, is sort of right? Fandoms are groups of people who are fans of a specific thing (i.e I’m in the Doctor Who fandom. It’s a wild ride.) and have in jokes and references and ALL OF THE MEMES.

Sometimes there are a lot of cross overs between fandoms such as Steven Moffat killing off characters and time travel and Benedict Cumberbatch’s cheekbones, and these massive fandom conglomerations are formed and you get things like superwholock.

Fandoms can be found on Tumblr, a weird and wonderful place I have strategically avoided for years. Mostly because the world has enough high functioning fangirls as it is…

tumblr_n1ohjmz3Zt1t37cigo1_500Anyway, so I’ve been listening to a bunch of random music, and I have quickly discovered that you have to fill certain criteria in order to like a band. For example:

  • Having been a fan of them since ‘before they were famous’.
  • Making it your purpose in life to marry the drummer.
  • Knowing every lyric of every song.
  • Having the band’s logo tattooed to your face.
  • Worshipping each member of the band for at least thirty hours a day. Each.
  • Etc.

So there’s this band called Twenty One Pilots (not 21 pilots, I made that mistake and Tumblr started sharpening it’s axe) who have a massive following and a squabillion in jokes. Entering a fandom for the first time is terrifying, because everyone is like ,’|-/’ and I’m like, ‘yep. Punctuation is great.’tumblr_nxl62bvLt51uk7yfdo1_500 And suddenly you’re a fake fan, which I don’t really understand.

Ok, maybe I do. Like when someone writes Troy Sivan instead of Troye Sivan or Dr Who instead of Doctor Who. But it’s not a super massive deal. Face palm privately, and move on.

So I’m going to propose something outrageous. I’m going to be a casual fan. I can like that movie, but I don’t have to follow the producer’s second cousin on Instagram.

And have you heard the new twenty one pilots song Heathens? Fangirling SO CASUALLY RIGHT NOW!1!!11!

Does any of this make sense? Oh well. It’s not like this is an English essay or anything. Plus it’s probably better than what you wrote on Monday – oh wait 😉

Looking forward to making you do that punishment tomorrow.


❤ Rose

P.S My taste in music is UR FACE.


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Hi, my name's Rose and sometimes I make things.
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