Dear Mum,

Let’s get this out of the way:



It’s on the internet now. Be free embarrassing picture. Become a meme. Become viral. Become whatever you want.

So just remember, think twice about skipping a post. LOL.

Anyway, so today was day one of term three. It always feels like it’s term three. Weird.

We get new timetables at the start of each semester, and it never goes well, but I think today was the worst.

In homegroup Professor McGonagall handed us each a sheet of paper, and we all spluttered all over the desks, and said things like,

‘Flaming ferrets! What the flip is Thursday?’ and,a1ce10c170ed63786dfa5313ccb4bc15

‘French the llama! We have new teachers? We’re half way through the Fahrenheiting year!’ and,

‘Golly gosh, we’ve gone from four periods of maths to five!? I won’t last a Reichenbaching week…’

And other things like that. Professor McGonagall was all like,

‘What’s so bad about Thursdays?’ So we showed her and she immediately called the office to complain on our behalf.

The initial Thursday:

  • French
  • Science
  • French
  • Humanities
  • French
  • Humanities

Like WHAT EVEN? Anyway, so according to our stupid new timetables, we had French first thing on a Monday, so we went straight to the French room.

When we got there, out teacher was at the door.

‘You’re not 9E. You’re 9H. I have 9E right now.’ But 9E were nowhere to be found, and we showed her our timetables, stubbornly insisting that this was where we were supposed to be.

‘I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!’ shouted our French teacher, before storming out of the building to go yell at admin.

A few minutes later a teacher who had not been our maths teacher but was apparently now our maths teacher came and dragged us all to the maths room. It wasn’t long before another teacher turned up at the door with their class, insisting that we were in the wrong room.

Our teacher won that battle, and handed out our new, slightly better but still not perfect timetables, and then we had our old maths teacher for science. Also our humanities teacher is in Russia, which helps the problem so much.

So an organised, stress free beginning to term three.

See you Wednesday…

❤ Rose


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Hi, my name's Rose and sometimes I make things.
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