Things I Learned at Hockey

  1. bc86ba9e02693271f055f5dbbdabfed86ef5d3f4e9154c672bf4d68532259c0fHockey is not soccer.
  2. But it’s almost soccer.
  3. The goalies look like transformers.
  4. Girls are loud.
  5. Girls yell a lot.
  6. Sometimes to songs.
  7. Usually off key.
  8. Soccer is not the only sport in which hair gets braided before the game.
  9. It’s very difficult to braid my hair.
  10. But not impossible.
  11. JUNK FOOD.
  12. If you BYO carrots to McDonalds, you get funny looks.
  13. Shin guards are there for a reason.
  14. Moth guards are there so you look tough.
  15. The end.

❤ Rose


About Rose E

Hi, my name's Rose and sometimes I make things.
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