Time travel!

But not actually, this won’t be  a post about how epic Doctor Who is, which makes me sad. Maybe I’ll do one next week.

Anyway, we’re at that stage in our schooling careers where the teachers are like, ‘Now choose your destiny…’ and everyone is kind of freaking out which I don’t understand because we’re only in year nine.

We went to this thing on Tuesday night where they told us things, and I’ve basically concluded that I shall become an artist, because that sounds the most fun and the least stressful (that seems like a generalisation and a half – feel free to disagree.)

Some of my friends are doing outrageous things like asking to do VCE maths a year early, because they are out of their minds. Other’s are quote unquote ‘terrified of VCE’ which also doesn’t make sense because it’s just school…

Maybe I’ll just leave all this madness and wear funny hats for the rest of my life.

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One Response to THE FUTURE

  1. Robyn says:

    You know Rose, you’re a really “together” young woman. I respect you’re seemingly cool-cucumbered approach to this phase of your schooling. It’s interesting in particular, as I’m in the midst of resuming contact with those of my HSC (what you know as VCE) year. I’ve been hunted down & have strangely succumb to the request to join them for a 30 year reunion! Yes, 30!! Not a typo 😳 It would be the same for your mum. Iinfact it will be your mum’s & my 30th friendship year anniversary next year! 😱 But I digress… So I was a little different to you. I was one of those freaking out! I knew what I wanted to do, quite early. However, the pathway scared the crap out of me! Though achieving my goal, life threw a curveball, or four at me. So I find myself in a similar situation of a pathway crossroads, still freaking me out. I think that’s why I’m going to the reunion. A reboot, from a time I made a decision, worked hard & stuck at it, despite living in a perpetual state of deer-in-headlights. Hoping it may be a little “Back To The Future” for me 🍀 Onwards & upwards, to infinity & beyond! Rose, keep your true heart, you will do fine & will achieve whatever you set your mind to, however many & varied things you choose to set it to, at any given point in your beautiful life ☮🌟

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