The Magic School Bus

Hey Mum,

So I catch the bus to and from school. Duh. Here’s things I’ve noticed on my travels:

  • A bus community is weird. Like there are people who sit next to me sometimes, and we have an unspoken agreement that we don’t speak and just do our own thing, which is cool. But it’s strange.
  • Teenagers are loud.
  • I think there’s a hierarchy in that the Year 12s get the back of the bus and then the year levels descend as you go toward the front, except I don’t really know about that 252d3592b8bf5198d45c4c0581e58ba1because
  • I always sit up the front. No one else sits up the front if they can help it, which makes for great antisocialising. I don’t know why this is because you get a great view of not-the-bus.
  • Window seats are great. Unless you need to get off and there’s someone sitting next you.
  • Our bus driver makes us brownies at the end of term. It’s kind of awesome. She also goes for the Dees, which is unfortunate.

But here’s the thing – what do bus drivers do in between the morning and afternoon school routes? Do they do public routes? Do they take school children to and from sporting events? So they sit there and do Sudoku for six hours (note: there is a book of Sudoku of the dash of our bus)? Do they fly into outer space?

I’m inventing a new thing in which we can challenge each other to write a blog post with certain restrictions/guidelines/instructions. You can take it or leave it, but if you leave it I have the legal and moral obligation to call you ‘chicken’.


Challenge: Write a short story/poem/recipe/post/article/whatever about what the bus drivers do between dropping us off and picking us up. Also, hello Michael J. Fox.


Bye 🙂

❤ Rose


About Rose E

Hi, my name's Rose and sometimes I make things.
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