The Olympics

Dear Mum,

I choose option 4 and am moving out. See you when I’m a snail.

❤ Rose


Ok but actually so you know the Olympics? That potentially corrupt sports event that happens every four years and makes people get overly patriotic?1391572147_olympic-rings

It turns out to be quite an interesting social experiment.

We have a bunch of super sporty people in our class who are interested in their various sports – swimming, basketball, and for some reason beach volleyball. This, combined with the constant streaming of the games over on channel 7 (#ad #spon #promo) means that the kids in my class are pretty much glued to either their phones or laptops, cheering not-so-silently at the Aussies.

For example we were in humanities today and our teacher was saying something along the lines of-

‘Supreme court, blah blah blah, barrister magistrate charge bail, blah blah blah…’

And he was suddenly interrupted by the five or so swimmers in our class jumping out of their seats and running around the classroom screaming.

‘Some eighteen year old from SA won gold!’

Teachers have different approaches to dealing with this. Our French teacher, for example, embraced it fully and made a CAT (common assessment task, the bane of my existence) all about the Olympics (but we still can’t stream in class).

Some teachers like our science teacher and humanities teacher have tried to stream it on the half functional 1920s televisions that we have in each of the classrooms, but most of them are over the age of 25 and don’t know how technology works, so that sort of fell through.

And some teachers give out detentions left right and centre for taking a peak at the water polo while you were supposed to be doing quadratic equations.

Anyway, happy Olympics.

❤ Rose


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