philosophy or.

Dear Mum,

Firstly, while writing this I’m listening to Dear Hank and John, so if there are typos it’s because sometimes when I’m listening to things I write them down even when I don’t mean to, and maybe we should listen to the news from AFC Wimbledon.

We’re going to discuss your last post. Here are some things I have to say about adult themes:


I just google searched ‘interrobang;’ can the phandom please explain to me why Dan and Phil are chilling out amongst the interrobangs on google images?


I recommend those of you who haven’t recently been through the education system that you read Kill the Possum by James Moloney, and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas by John Boyne, think about being fourteen, and then get back to me.

Hank what did we learn today?

I get that we the curriculum is trying to expose us to ‘deep things and stuff,’ but like REALLY? Why can’t we all read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? That would make me very happy.


Also you got real philosophical at the end there (I think, John Green was talking in my ear and I was kind of distracted) which is great because I was watching Franklin’s walk through of No Man’s Sky (some game) and having a slight existential crisis and now I’m thinking about philosophy and game play is a really cool thing to listen too when you’re doing homework. What.

Anyway, you and I have started watching the BBC series War and Peace after your failed attempt to read the book. I have renamed this series Pierre’s Miserable Life, as I feel that is more accurate.

I am going to watch Pierre’s Miserable Life now.


❤ Rose

P.S (Dan and Phil are youtubers with British accents, which makes me think they are probably from somewhere in Britain but who knows.)




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