Foot fetish!

Dear Rose,

Your last post lacked your usual witty, lyricism – so when it comes to the blog, I say – don’t multi-task, honey! Or else!

Thought you might like to know a little about what I do when you’re at school – besides sit on my tush and think up crazy animal stories 😉

Today, I went to another awesome yoga class at Kyo Yoga. My yoga teacher has been running a series of intensives and that extra half hour is worth its weight in gold.

We learnt more about good posture and body alignment. But the best bit was we sat on chairs and gave ourselves foot massages.


See – everyone loves a foot massage!

I’m not talking about a 30 second rub here. I’m talking massage one foot at a time, using your palms to really give that sucker a good going over. Then you thread your fingers between your toes and push down into the webbing. More massage. Then spread your fingers a little to stretch out the toes. Then you remove your fingers (from the toes) and give the foot a good slapping all over.

As you know, I suffer from terrible circulation. Our teacher Nic got us to stand up and feel the difference from side to side. I didn’t need to feel – I could see. One foot was pink and healthy looking – the other was blue! My darling yoga teacher Mel said it matched my eyes 🙂

This little foot massage thing (a) felt blissful and (b) revived the blood flow in my feet and (c) has something to do with helping me walk better. All a very good thing.

You should try it sometime 🙂

Love Mum xoxo


About Heather Gallagher

Heather lives in Ocean Grove with her beautiful family and a dog called Pip. She has a passion for quirky stories. Her first book, Ferret on the Loose, was published in 2013 and was recently listed on the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. The book was inspired by a girl and her ferret, who Heather interviewed while working as a freelance journalist for The Sunday Age. Her column, Yak Attack, ran in the Kids View section for more than a year and allowed Heather to profile people she thought would be of interest to kids. In 2014, she released her first picture book Happy Pants – Why is mummy so sad? This is NOT a story about ferret racing. Rather, it is a heartfelt story about a boy grappling with his Mum’s post-natal depression. Heather’s stories for children have appeared in black dog books Short & Scary anthology and Explore and Challenge magazines. Heather has experience in public speaking – both for children and adults. While, promoting Happy Pants she spoke to groups of counsellors, nurses, parents and at library events. She has presented writing workshops to primary-aged children. Last year, she was a presenter at the Sacred Edge festival and the Christian Writers’ Conference.
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