Beginner’s Guide to Casey Neistat

Dear Mum,


Today I’m going to talk about internet stuff because I’m a teenager and therefore know everything about the internet. (Not true, whatever.)casey_portrait_818-818x545

Specifically Casey Neistat. I did something similar with the vlogbrothers a while ago, but I figure it’s Casey’s turn given he just hit 4 million subs and is a kind of amazing person.

Casey is a film maker/youtuber/vlogger who makes daily vlogs on YouTube. They’re pretty great, and he did like five hundred and something of them in a row which is superhuman (although he’s currently taking a short break because he’s on a cruise in Italy with his wife, which I guess is fair enough.)

Speaking of his wife:tumblr_nqnopbdZBw1s5td80o1_400

That’s Candice.


Before Casey got big on YouTube, he made a few feature films, and also an HBO series with his brother Van. Nowadays though, he’s known for the YouTube content he makes, mainly vlogs. A lot of people ay that he’s so successful as a vlogger because he’s brought professional skills to an amateur craft.

He has this hella cool studio in New York City that looks like this…

He also wears cool glasses and (co?)owns this social media site called Beme and rides electric skateboards and has two kids and all sorts of other exciting things.

But you’re about to send me to bed, so…


❤ rose


here’s casey snowboarding through times square



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