Song Writing and CATS

Hey hey hey!

Let’s talk about song writing, because we’ve been doing that in music lately.

There are two camps (apparently): Music first, or lyrics first. Some people do both first, but these people are magicians.

We’ve added a bunch of things to our ‘song writing tool kits,’ including writing from a title, parodies, chord progressions, etc. Did you know that there’s this one chord progression (Hank Green calls it the ice-cream chord progression, because everyone likes it except for lactose intolerant people) that looooaaaaaads of people use? There’s a cool video about it here.

The main thing that has been drummed into us though, is that you can write a song about anything. Like LITERALLY anything. There’s this guys called Jonathan Mann who I discovered a few years ago who writes a song every single day and they can be pretty random. I’m not sure if he still does it, but it was pretty spectacular.

Like my group is writing a song about someone who’s on an aeroplane and is FREAKING OUT.

Have some cat memes:

Oh internet. Hey, that’s a great song.



❤ Rose



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