Insurance and Bowling

Hey dude,

Firstly I would like to mention that -86 + 122 is the same as 122 – 86, which may help with future interviews.

Secondly, Melbourne.

urban140203_melbourne_1_560Day one of this university camp thing that I went on involved talking to highly exciting insurance peeps. There was this one guy who said that when he was in year nine he wanted to be a football player, and now he works in insurance, and we all thought but did not say, ‘Dude, you have a sad life.’

Apparently insurance is a bucket, and premiums fill that bucket with water, and claims are the holes in the bucket, and as long as there is water in the bucket a profit is being made. Don’t worry, it hurt my head too…

dsc04712Then we went bowling. This was fun. I came third and drank too much soft drink.

We also went to Grill’d.

On day two we went to two universities – Melbourne and VU.

First impressions:

Melbourne Uni is a wonderfully sprawling architecturally aesthetic chunk of the city.

Victoria Uni is a brick box in the suburbs.

First impressions mean nothing, however (although Melbourne Uni, you lookin’ gooood.) We talked to a bunch of people like students and not students (I don’t think teachers are called teachers at university so they shall hereby be referred to as not students.)

A not student told us all about how ATAR’s work, and why they don’t matter and you can totally flunk all of school. Did I just say that? Nah…

We had pizza. It was great. We ordered way too much, so shout out to the peeps at Flagstaff Gardens who kindly volunteered to finish of the BBQ chicken.


We had this ‘networking dinner’ where we talked to cool people like Andrew from Telstra and Nick the corporate lawyer. Nick was very cool and funny and made a lot of terrible jokes that none of us really got because we didn’t have a law degree.



❤ Rose


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Hi, my name's Rose and sometimes I make things.
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5 Responses to Insurance and Bowling

  1. Michelle White says:

    I love reading your posts (as I told Heather at the oppie – I think she would have preferred that I knew her through books…. 🙂 ), anyways, your descriptions of VU is spot on. It is definitely a box. Can’t say I know MU, as my girl went to RMIT, which is probably like MU in that is sprawls.


  2. Robyn says:

    Okay Rose, sounds like a strange few days for you. To help out: your “not-students” are generally referred to as “lecturers”. More importantly, did you wear your new outfit? The cool leather jacket? 😎


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