gummy bears. also melons

Two in a row.

Santa would be disappointed. And it’s only October. *shakes head condescendingly*


GUMMY BEARS. I should explain…

But first, a cat meme;


Ah cat memes. What would the internet be without thou?

Backstory for readers: I’m going hiking in the wilderness in a few weeks. I am required to feed myself for five days. This is a) great because trail mix and b) terrible because apparently melons ‘take up too much space’ and ‘are way to heavy to carry around’ and ‘you eat WHOLE MELONS!??! What are you, a vegan?’



So anyway, yesterday I made two different types of trail mix, one with gummy bears (gummy bears are love, gummy bears are life) and one with chocolate covered liquorice bullets, because you allowed me to twist your arm. Here are my recipes:

Trail Mix Uno – Can we do it? Yes pecan! (Did I actually just name my trial mix after a Bob the Builder pun? WAT IS LYFE)

  • A hearty handful of coconut shavings
  • A hearty handful of pecans
  • A hearty handful of slivered almonds
  • A hearty handful of sunflower seeds
  • A hearty handful of diced dried peaches
  • Several hearty handfuls of GUMMY BEARS


Trail Mix Two – CASHEW! Bless you.

  • A super scoop of Nutri-Grain (#ad #spon #promo)
  • A super scoop of cashews
  • A super scoop of dried apricots
  • A super scoop of dried blueberries
  • A super scoop of walnuts
  • A super scoop of peanuts
  • Several super scoops of chocolate covered liquorice bullets

There we go ladies, gentlemen, and beyond! Two wonderfully engineered options for your snacking-while-walking needs.

Tune in next time for, ‘How I Snuck a Melon into my Hiking Pack.’

Until then, dftba.

❤ Rose


I put dates in one of then. I don’t remember which. Be wild, put dates in EVERYTHING. But not raisins though. Raisins make me sad…



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