The internet loves them.

I slightly hate them (nothing personal), especially when they come in acronym form, and stand for Common Assessment Task.

Yeah, I have an English CAT, and English exam tomorrow, because as mentioned previously, our school has it in for us.

So what I really should be doing right now is editing my CAT, and not at all blogging. But I’m still blogging, because unlike someone, I’m fully committed to the blog.

By the way, you’ve clocked up like three punishments. Do the first one, and we’ll discuss the next two when we get to them.

Anyway. Instead of a proper blog post (which will use up brain cell’s that are needed for my CAT) I’m going to do another cat meme segment.

Thanks me later.

(Also they’ll be holidays themed because ‘TIS THE SEASON.)


❤ Rose


About Rose E

Hi, my name's Rose and sometimes I make things.
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