Raising Two Million Dollars for Charity

Here’s a highlights video Heya.

So this past weekend was the tenth annual Project for Awesome, wherein many weird and wonderful moments happened.

Brief summary of the P4A: A 48 hour live stream is run over a weekend in December, and a bunch of super cool content creators do things like summon the bread demon while running this live stream and encouraging viewers to donate. During the first half of the live stream, the money raised went to Save the Children and Partners in Health. During the second half of the live stream the money is split between ten to twenty charities determined by nerdfighters. These charities are determined by people making videos about them and ‘taking over YouTube’ and then voting on those videos. It sounds super complicated, but it’s actually great and a lot of fun.

Here’s my favourite moment;

captureBeing there to watch us hit 2mil was INCREDIBLY EXCITING!!!

Well done Hank, John, and nerdfighteria on another amazing P4A.

Here’s a highlights video where you can watch some of the cool stuff that happened in the live stream if you’re interested.

Bye, and DFTBA.

❤ Rose


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Hi, my name's Rose and sometimes I make things.
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