flaming ferrets

Good morning Mum, it’s Thursday.

I would like to apologise to our dedicated readers for failing to post through most of February. I was hit like a tonne of feathers by both the beginning of VCE, and a persistent mystery illness from which I have not yet fully recovered.


The great thing about this is I’ve had plenty of time to read and have now in fact finished Cloudwish despite your permission not to, because I am a committed stalwart member of the LMLD book club.

I didn’t hate this book as much as you thought I would (I’m really selling it aren’t I – let me try again).

I agree with what you said in your post about how there wasn’t really a problem, or at least not in the traditional sense. There were no space ninja robots or anything. It was more of a slice of life (albeit an eventful and character development-ful slice of life) book than something with a super involved plot, and I hella like these types of books because you don’t get half as stressed as you do when reading Tomorrow When the War Began or Game Theory.

I would like to weigh in on the we-want-diverse-books-but-you-can’t-write-about-a-diverse-character-unless-you-have-personally-experienced-what-they-have-experienced debate, because I have many thoughts and feelings.

It’s a bunch of flaming ferrets.


If you write fiction then you write fiction. Since when did you need to be a hungry caterpillar to write about hungry caterpillars? Since when did you have to be a teenage girl to write about being a teenage girl (*cough* John Green *cough*)? Since when did you have to be Vietnamese to write about being Vietnamese?

I don’t understand. I mean I kind of do because misrepresenting minorities can be damaging, but that’s what beta readers and research is for, right?

Anyway, I liked the book. Jess is bae. The Vance Joy reference really screams 2013, but that’s fine. 2013 was a pretty great year.

OMG CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT BOOKS SET IN MELBOURNE FOR A HOT MINUTE. Cedar B. Hartley was the first book series I read where I was like WOAH I KNOW MERRI CREEK which was a bit exciting. Most recently I’ve been reading Lili Wilkinson and this has happened (more on you later, Lili). And then this book – the Nova. Brunetti’s. Readings. Dude, it’s awesome. (Did I spell Brunetti’s right?)

It’s cool to have character’s roaming around your home turf.

Anyway, this post is like Ikea furniture in that it comes in two parts. Part one: Cloudwish. Part two: The Boundless Sublime.

I have the privilege and pleasure of following Lili Wilkinson on Twitter. I get to read such gems such as;




and finally;


bsSo we’re reading the Boundless Sublime, which from what little information I’ve gleaned, is slightly disturbing and about cults. So this should be a fun month.

I ship Ruby and Fox. Rox. It’s meant to be. (This could be one of those things you regret saying after you’ve read the book – I guess we’ll find out.)

I should probably finish Pink lol. And that Mary Oliver poetry. And that book about the gut that I’ve been halfway through for two years.

And my English homework.

Okay, I’ll see you later.


❤ Rose


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