shut up and take my bottlecaps

(This post may or may not contain traces of spoilers or dairy products. You have been warned.)

Hey party people.

Let’s talk about the mildly traumatic experience of reading The Boundless Sublime by Lili Wilkinson.

I guess I’ll start by analysing my prediction;

  • Prediction 1: Slightly disturbing – This was indeed correct. Well done Rose. Impressive blurb reading skills you’ve got there.
  • Prediction 2: About cults – Also indeed correct. Two for two.
  • Prediction 3: I ship Rox – I still ship Rox. I got all three of my lazy cop out predictions right! Spontaneous dance party;tumblr_inline_nlftslbZ6M1rhpuhq

Anyway, where were we? The Institute?

The book begins with, wait for it, grief. A YA book beginning with the theme of grief? Who would have thought? I like that it almost immediately goes in an unconventional direction though, that’s cool, and I like how we’re kind of on board with the whole cult thing at the start too (although that might be more due to the dream boat that is Fox than anything else).

If this book was a song I would say that the build before reaching the Institute, and then the shift in the dynamics upon reaching the institute made for an interesting and unconventional track. This book isn’t a song, but does that make sense?

(BTW, the Institute makes me think so much of Fallout.)

bottlecapsThe twist at the end though. Just when we’re out of the cult and back in normal everyday life, BAM twist. Holy cantaloupes the end is VERY STRESSFUL LILI WE WERE SAFE AND THEN YOU TOOK THAT AWAY FROM US Y U DO DIS!?!??!?

ceab5ac3d8d008a968eb7f5c9701529f_y-u-do-dis-yu-do-dis-meme_625-437Can we just appreciate the epilogue for a moment. Do you know how annoying books that finish with ‘open endings’ are? I understand that it’s like some literary technique or something, and that the book should start as late as possible and finish as early as possible, and that it makes the reader think, but I don’t want to think, I want a satisfying ending with no loose ends and if you don’t provide me with that I’m likely to throw your book at the wall.

No walls were harmed in the reading of this book.

This was, like Game Theory, a stressful read, but again, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you want to stay up all night thinking that every creak is a quinoa eating cult leader.

Anyway, I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month, so I’ll stop writing words here and start writing words somewhere else.

Have a great day, and DFTBA.

❤ Rose


Spontaneous dance party part two;



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