The Messenger, amirite?

Hi. It’s me.

I don’t believe it either.

The Messenger, amirite?

gesgdhThis book was really super awesome. I loved how each card was a mystery and the solving of each mystery and how cleverly organised the whole thing was.

Didn’t like the ending though. I think I’d have preferred if it ended when Ed’d solved the last clue of the last card.

Although to be fair I’d probably be really mad about how we never got to find out who was delivering the cards. So what do I know.

The character dynamics were cool, and it was very well written. It’s almost like this guy has da skillz to write something like The Book Thief. Oh wait.

Oh, and you’re wrong. The Doorman looks like this;

imagesUDHAMA3OOkay, time for Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley.

See you soon,

❤ Rose

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Hi, my name's Rose and sometimes I make things.
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