About Us

Heather is an Australian children’s writer. That’s her on the right trying

to look authorly…


Her first book Ferret on the Loose is a chapter book and it was published in 2013. Her second Happy Pants – Why is mummy so sad? is a picture book and it came out in 2014.

She loves writing weird animal stories, crafting, singing and playing 500 (the card game) with her family. She also loves her dog, Pip.

You can find out more about her at her author website http://heathergallagher.com.au

Rose is a fabulous, amazing, wonderful human being (this was totally not written by me). That’s her on the left…


this is a very awkward not-at-all staged selfie, don’t judge

She goes to some high school some place, and plays soccer and football (which is two different things, England. Soccer is the one with the round ball, and football is the one with the weird shaped ball.) on the weekends.

She also has the coolest most revolutionary YouTube channel in the not-that-long history of the interwebs. You can check it out here, here and here. As well as here.