Say What?

So here’s a dirty secret not often mentioned on the net. Blogging is hard.


A hungry net-demon (he might look cute but just you wait!)

Oh, that relentless, hungry net-demon that demands (or is that just in my head) constant copy for so little thanks…

So Rose and I had a brain-wave. It happened on the beach – Thirteenth Beach to be precise – but we won’t be superstitious! How about we do this thing – where we write to each other – back and forth – egg each other on, etc – it’ll be fab!

Well, we’ll see…


Okay, so the above was written at the beginning of 2016 and it’s now 2017 and we’re reinventing because well, as I said, blogging is hard 🙂 So we’re doing Oz YA book reviews because we’re Aussies and we love books…it’s gonna be fun!